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Canadian Government Funding Purposes for Small Businesses

There are many purposes for which a Canadian small business entrepreneur may seek funding. These purposes include: acquisition, business development, trade shows, consulting / financing services, equipment, expansion capital, exploration, evaluation, business planning, job creation, marketing, new business startups, product development/improvement, productivity, operating capital, renovations, maintenance, upgrades, research, development, training, certification and wage support.

The Canadian Government offers different funding options to eligible entrepreneurs seeking assistance with any and all of the above listed funding purposes. However, the amount of funding as well as the eligibility for specific entrepreneurs is evaluated on a case by case basis.

As of right now there are nearly 12,000 recipients of government funding that have actively reported their funding successes to the CSBF, proving that receiving government funding for your business is indeed possible. These recipients have used government funding for many different purposes ranging from the purchasing of new equipment to hiring additional help.

Your chances of obtaining government funding increase according to the number of programs you apply for regardless of your funding purpose. Give us a call at 1-866-682-2402, or use our Grant Finder Tool to see which government programs your business may be eligible for.

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