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Saskatchewan Government Funding Programs

Government Funding Snapshot

Grants: 5
Funding Potential:$10,000 - $4,000,000
Loans: 7
Success Average:$67,338

Saskatchewan offers various government support programs to eligible small business owners within its border. There are currently 3 government programs that offer assistance other than money, along with 7 small business loans and 5 business grants.

Saskatchewan government funding sources are not always easy to track down or figure out how to apply to, so some help may be called for. If you want to see if you qualify for any of the available $4,000,000 in Saskatchewan provincial government funding, spend some time using our Grant Finder Tool. Doing so is very simple -- just click on the province of Saskatchewan.

Browsing through 9 Saskatchewan government funding client success stories, or reading over a list of 331 business financing recipients in Saskatchewan, may convince you of the value and variety of funding available from Saskatchewan. Entrepreneurs mentioned in the success stories received an average of $67,338 from Saskatchewan government funding sources.

Saskatchewan government assistance is offered in addition to local and federal government options. Combined, there are 146 government assistance programs in Saskatchewan to aid qualified business owners.

Find out what options are available for your Saskatchewan small business by trying the Grant Finder Tool now.

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