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Quebec Government Funding Programs

Government Funding Snapshot

Grants: 9
Funding Potential:$2,500 - $1,000,000
Loans: 1
Success Average:$354,113

The Quebec government offers 9 grant and 1 loan programs for small business owners in the province. There are also 2 provincial support programs offering other types of help.

Quebec offers up to $1,000,000 dollars to its small business owners, but accessing this money is not easy. Use our website's Grant Finder Tool to gain an advantage with your search. Get started by clicking on Quebec.

Entrepreneurs starting or expanding a small business in Quebec should look through the 766 successful funding Quebec applicants on our site to see what activities others were able to get funded. There are also 5 client success stories from Quebec small business owners who were approved for an average of $354,113 in grants and loans. This financing was provided by various provincial funding programs, including business grants and government loans.

In addition to the provincial programs, your small business may qualify for federal programs offered to Canadian small business owners, no matter their province. This means there are currently 159 government loan, grant, and other support programs available from federal, provincial, and local government funding sources.

Discover the opportunities that may await your Quebec small business -- try the Grant Finder Tool.

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