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The process of completing a free grant application for governmental funding may at first seem daunting to small business owners, but this does not have to be the case. Not only is there a wealth of grant and loan programs available, there is no shortage of resources to make the process more manageable, including free grant application forms.

Your free grant application is to take the first step to getting funding

To get the process under way, it is important to first research available funding programs. While there is nothing to lose by submitting a free grant application, acceptance is more likely to occur in response to applications for programs most relevant to your industry, financial needs, proposed use or even location.

During the research process, it is important to determine the criteria of the program. It is critical to match your business' funding needs as closely as possible with a potential grant program. Considerations for your research include:

  • What constitutes eligibility?
  • How much funding is available?
  • What are the grant's restrictions or limitations?
  • What are the requirements for the grant's use?
  • What time constraints are there on the grant?
  • What documentation must be included in a free grant application?
  • Is a full presentation required after the application is submitted?
  • Will the grant be awarded as a lump sum or via partial payments?
  • When will a decision on who receives the grant be made?

While there is much to consider when researching grant programs, it does not have to be a hugely time-consuming endeavour. Taking advantage of online resources streamlines the process of researching before you submit a free grant application.

Details matter, so call 1-866-682-2402 to learn more about a free grant application

No matter how closely a program matches your business needs, in order for your free grant application to be favourably received it must be completed correctly. Even a minor misstep can mean the difference between receiving a grant or being passed over. One of the most common tripping points when submitting a free grant application is missing or incomplete information. Fortunately, this can be avoided.

To avoid a problem with your application, follow these steps:

  • Carefully review the instructions on the free grant application form
  • Have all relevant paperwork or information on hand
  • Supply the requested information as thoroughly, but concisely as possible
  • Read and then re-read your free grant application form before submitting

There is considerable convenience in using a free grant application, but automatic approval is not guaranteed. By putting time into researching programs and completing the application thoroughly, it is possible to level the playing field and improve the likelihood of receiving a grant for your business.

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