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Canadian Small Business Success Stories on Video

These recipients got funding because they took the first step and contacted our Centre to learn about their funding options. Although we cannot guarantee you will get funding, the more you know about others experiences the better your chances.

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Small Business Video Success Stories

Miss D's General Store
Ladywood, MB

Small Business Video Success Stories

Etoile Culinary Arts Intl
Maple Creek, SK

Small Business Video Success Stories

Lyle Reeves Funerals
High River, AB

Small Business Video Success Stories

Moustiquaire Mobile
Montreal, QC

Small Business Video Success Stories

Enriching Families
Woodstock, ON

Small Business Video Success Stories

Sage Valley Marketing
Rosedale, AB

Small Business Video Success Stories

Steven White
Chatsworth, ON

Small Business Video Success Stories

Pegasus Swimming Lessons
Durham, ON

Small Business Video Success Stories

Lead Ergonomics
Hamilton, ON

Small Business Video Success Stories

Starlab Recording
Saskatoon, SK

Small Business Video Success Stories

Buss Financial
London, ON

Small Business Video Success Stories

A Turn of Events
Oshawa, ON

Small Business Video Success Stories

Urban Playground
Toronto, ON

Small Business Video Success Stories

One Grafton Street
Charlottetown, PEI

Small Business Video Success Stories

Manage with Success
North Bay, ON

A government backed grant enabled Denise to revive a popular historical building as a business that both fills a need and provides pride for the local community.

Tina Cresswell from Maple Creek, SK explains how $106,600 in funding from Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan helped launch Etoile Culinary Arts International, a cooking school credited through the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST).

Craig Snodgrass, owner and president of Lyle Reeves Funerals Inc. in High River, AB explains how a $75,000 government guaranteed loan went towards start-up costs, equipment and leasehold improvements.

Montreal's Jacob Stroud and Idriss Bouhmouch explain how a $30,000 loan from the Business Development of Canada (BDC) and $15,000 from the Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF) went towards launching their mobile screen repair company, Moustiquaire Mobile.

Crystal Knox, owner of Enriching Families in Woodstock, ON explains how $17,400 from the Ontario Self-Employment Benefit Program helped launch her family counselling, mediation and assessment service.

Shelley Rymal, co-owner of Sage Valley Marketing Ltd. explains how $15,000 from the Alberta government went towards bath and body product packaging, with an additional $3,900 from MH Employment Services going towards wage subsidies.

Visual artist Steven White explains how an Exhibition Assistance grant from the Ontario Arts Council went towards transportation costs and online marketing.

Pegasus Swimming Lessons offers lessons on how to gain basic swimming skills and improve existing skills, getting money to do so from the Durham region

Lead Ergonomics Consulting received $6,000 from the government in the form of grants to conduct research and develop the ROSA web site.

Starlab Recording Studio got $15,000 from a Canadian SBLA to purchase necessary studio equipment.

The owners of Buss Financial Group explain how a $50,000 BDC loan to upgrade their computer server and print centre.

The owners of A Turn of Events explain how the Ontario self-employment program helped them set up their corporate event planning business.

Mimi Au and Lindsy Colling, owners, Urban Playground Fitness, explain how their company launched with a total of $30,000 in government young entrepreneur loans.

Grame Sheldon, owner, Number One Grafton Street, explains how a grant from the Charlottetown Heritage Incentive Program helped him renovate his bed & breakfast without assistance from commercial banks.

Sylvain Roy, owner of Manage with Success, explains how grants from the Scientific Research and Experimental Development and the Canadian Small Business Financing Programs supported the construction of his software.

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