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Government agencies in Canada realize that small business is a significant part of our economic growth, and they want to help provide the necessary financial resources to facilitate this. In fact, they have set aside great amounts of money for small business ventures to grow the economy and help you to start, expand, and improve your business. Such government small business financing can take the form of small business grants (non-repayable), low or no-interest loans (repayable), tax refunds or credits, guaranteed purchases, financial insurance against business risks, and repayable contributions.

There are many different uses for small business grants - which suits your needs best?

Will your small business benefit from Canadian grants or loans from federal and provincial governments? Many small businesses receive government grants in Canada for many different purposes, including:

  • Grants and Subsidies (one-time and renewable)
  • Low or no-interest loans
  • Tax refunds or tax credits
  • Government insurance against business risks
  • Guaranteed government purchases of your product or service
  • Government Information and Services
  • Conditionally Repayable Contributions
  • Grants in-lieu of Property Taxes
  • Equity Financing
  • Relocation Grants

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Can your small business afford to miss out on these opportunities? Imagine how easily you could turn increased financial resources into a competitive advantage! So who has these funds? Which programs are appropriate for your small business? How do you apply? What are the secrets to being approved?

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$8,000 Government Grant Helps BC Ultrasound Clinic Hire Marketing Firm

$8,000 Government Grant Helps BC Ultrasound Clinic Hire Marketing Firm

After purchasing a 3D ultrasound clinic in Langley, B.C. last summer, Amanda Dougan decided to sever ties with the franchise partner the previous owners had dealt with. That meant she had to virtually treat the business... View Details
Brampton Business gets $10,000 Government Grant for Eco-Friendly Business Development

Brampton Business gets $10,000 Government Grant for Eco-Friendly Business Development

Small business is born from consumer concerns during fuel crisis DRAM Innovations Inc. is an up and coming small business that was spawned by a consumer's dilemma of wasted money. Devin Ramphal was pumping gas into his... View Details

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