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Is there a list of legitimate government grants for small business in Canada?

You are looking for a list of legitimate government grants for small businesses in Canada then you can contact the Canadian government and asked them for information on their grants and loans for small businesses. They are most likely going to give you a list of legitimate government grants that are being offered by them at the current time. Ideally though you want to be sure that you are getting the most up-to-date information and often listings go out of date very quickly. The Canadian government is constantly adding new grants and loans programs and deleting others in respect to their small business funding programs. If you require some help filling out your forms or need additional information you can contact us here at the Centre for Small Business Financing at 1-866-682-7580.

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Find out how these Canadian small businesses did it...
$25,000 Government Grant Helps Further Research for BC Innovators

$25,000 Government Grant Helps Further Research for BC Innovators

Environmental disaster can lead to economic, self-employment success According to their website, Blue Denim Woodworks is "a BC based company working with European engineered, state of the art technology that builds... View Details
$210,000 Government Grant Helps Entrepreneur Build Log House Manufacturing Business

$210,000 Government Grant Helps Entrepreneur Build Log House Manufacturing Business

Newfoundland entrepreneur finds government funding to build small business dream It took nearly 20 years between the first log home Ken Auchinleck built and the next. But now, he's running a thriving business... View Details

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