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Business Funding Poll Archives

The Centre for Small Business Financing conducts an online poll twice a month to gauge the opinions of visitors to our web site on issues affecting small business in Canada. Below are links to previous polls with results and user comments.
Why do you seek funding for your business?
What type of funding do you seek for your business?
What stage is your small business at?
What sector is your business involved in?
What is your motivation for starting your own business?
If you could receive a grant today, what would you spend it on?
Would you employ a student to take advantage of wage subsidies?
Have you applied for small business grants before?
Where is your business located?
Can your business cope with another recession?
What is the best way to find government funding programs?
How much funding money do you need for your small business?
What is the main thing that is stopping you from starting your own business?
Would you ever go into business with family and friends?
What is the biggest business mistake an entrepreneur can make?
If you needed funding for your small business who would you turn to first?
Is your business prepared for an emergency situation?
Why were you denied business funding in the past?
When do you think is the best time to start a business?
Do you plan on selling your small business?
Would you rather start a home based business or a brick and mortar business?
Does your small business rely on a business credit card?
What is holding you back from applying for government funding for your business?
What is your business background?
Would you prefer to start your own business or to buy an existing business?
When will you be ready to quit your day job in order to work on your own business full-time?
If you received an extra $20,000 today for your business, what would you spend it on?
What kind of business model does your business follow?
Which perks do you or would you offer your small business employees?
What is the most important trait an entrepreneur must have in order to be successful?
What is your biggest expense as an entrepreneur?
What type of business investor are you looking for?
Which Industry should the government provide the most funding to?
Would you ever use crowdfunding for your business?
What do you hate most about being an entrepreneur?
Do you prefer to manage and run your small business independently or with partners?
Are you willing to invest your money into your small business?
What technology is most important to your small business?
What sacrifices are you willing to make in order to make your business a success?
How do you deal with customer complaints?
What do you value the most when hiring new employees for your small business?
Where do you think your small business will stand in the following year?
What do you need help with the most when running your small business?
What is your main focus as an aspiring or successful entrepreneur?
As an entrepreneur what motivates you to venture into the small business world?
How will you maintain your business in the event of a family emergency?
How did you come up with your business idea?
Do you respond to social media comments?
What would you spend an extra $10,000 on in your small business?
Does your company serve consumers, businesses, or both?
What is your title at your company?
How long have you been in your current position for?
Does your company have more than one location?
Are printed texts going extinct?
What is your top 2016 resolution?
Which technology trend will serve your business the most in the New Year?
How much funding does your small businessís start up require?
Would you rather be approved for a grant or a no/low-interest loan with a business mentor?
What do you require financial assistance with the most?
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Business Funding Poll

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28 December

5 out of 5 stars

"The training incentive was really helpful, and it was just encouraging to know that there?s little things out there that ....."
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