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Small business startup money and entrepreneur visas can help the Canadian market

Small business startup money is often elusive to entrepreneurs

Small business startup money and a new visa program may be able to bring new entrepreneurs to Canada. The arrival of new entrepreneurs could lead to the development of numerous new jobs in Canada and have a stimulating effect on the market. < Read more...>

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Joe Schwartzman
Posted in: News & Events
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$20,000 in Government Funding helps Geo Adventuring app Get Going

Doug Matatall is the Founder and CEO of the TecVana Corporation, the company behind the newly launched Geo-Adventuring app (Open World Connect). "The Geo-Adventuring app is a tool that instantly connects users to activities, events, and attractions in their area, surrounding areas or in distant tourist locations. Using information supplied by rural communities. Geo-Adventuring creates theme-based journeys suited to every taste, interest, and experience level. The app allows users to choose an adventure that interests them, mapping out the journey while suggesting activities, restaurants, and attractions along the way." However the journey to getting this app off the ground wasn't a simple one. Even for a seasoned business man like Doug Matatall, who has been in the marketing and technology business for over 30 years. < Read more...>
Partrik Norton
Posted in: Success Stories
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Can government grants help start up a new small business in the Yukon?

Economic development in the Yukon is crucial, and the backbone of that development is small business which does often rely upon grants being available to assist companies with start up business expenses. The available grants can change rapidly based on availability of funding and the number of applicants. As well, some grants have specific deadlines regardless of availability. The Centre for Small Business Financing's resources should be a big help in connecting you with a grant that can assist you in your endeavours, including perhaps a grant made available for first time small business owners. Please get in touch with us. You can also submit our web site's information request form if you would like further assistance. < Read more...>
Available,Grants,In,Yukon,Yukon In Available Grants
Joyce Greenberg
Posted in: Q&A
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Does Vancouver have business to business loans?

Business to business loans may exist in Vancouver, but since the programs would be run by individual businesses they may be difficult to keep track of and vary in terms of what the requirements are. < Read more...>
Joe Schwartzman
Posted in: Q&A
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Canada government grant for Cobourg manufacturer

$30,000 Canada government grant to hire research assistant

Cobourg-based manufacturer ARXX Building Products Inc. receives $30,000 Canada government grant to hire engineering graduate. < Read more...>

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Joe Schwartzman
Posted in: News & Events
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