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How many government of Canada grants for new businesses are available in Manitoba?

All government of Canada grants for new small businesses provided at the federal level are open to applicants from Manitoba, so the amount can vary widely. This is in addition to from the rest of the nation. There are also specific grants for eligible applicants within the area provided at the local level, and more choices are also provided at the provincial level. To find a program that will work for you it is not necessary to know how many offers there are in Manitoba, or to get a complete list of each option. < Read more...>
Frank Arbens
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B&B in Fredericton, NB gets $14,830 Interest-Free Loan for Renovations

Government loan adds luxury to small business inn Increase your chances at financing by personally talking to people at the funding office and networking with other businesses that have received funding, says a successful grant getter. "Get advice and guidance from them; get anything they can offer," says Roger Acreman. The Fredericton, NB, businessman received a $14,830 interest-free loan from the federal government, and used it to add a new luxury suite to the Colonel's In bed and breakfast. < Read more...>
Joyce Greenberg
Posted in: Success Stories
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Usage-based Internet Billing Has Businesses Seeing Red

The debate over usage-based Internet billing has raised considerable consternation among small business owners. Federal regulators want to charge by-the-byte, which would bring an end to unlimited Internet plans and raise costs. It's common for businesses to offer their employees the option to telecommute instead of coming in to the office, but if usage-based billing< more....>
Canada government grants,Technology grants
Frank Arbens
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Can I use grants to expand a small business in Ontario, Canada?

There are a number of grants available in Ontario, Canada, and there might be grants that you can use to expand your business. The government offers grants every year to people who are looking expand their businesses, including to people in Ontario. These grants do not need to be repaid like loans do, but they might have their own eligibility requirements and terms. If you have any questions or need more information on using grants to expand your Ontario business, feel free to fill out the contact form on our web site or give us a call at the Centre for Small Business Financing's toll free number. < Read more...>
Canada,Expand,Expand Grants Ontario Canada,Grants,Ontario
Joe Schwartzman
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HST with cheese

"The Government made a mistake saying that Irvin Leroux owed $1 million in back taxes.  he fought for 12 years to prove he was right and didn't owe the government one cent.  In the process They took his land, they took his business, they took everything he owned. " So Irvin, of Prince George, B.C., has< more....>
government spending,taxes
Frank Arbens
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