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Does the government of Canada provide grant funding to help a small business develop software?

A small business looking to the government of Canada for assistance in the form of a grant in order to develop software may be in luck. This is indeed the type of endeavour the government of Canada is hoping to invest in, if the software is a good and viable investment, and the small business is otherwise eligible. < Read more...>
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Does someone in Canada have to own a business to apply for Canadian government business grants?

Canadian government grants are provided for numerous reasons. These reasons may include helping entrepreneurs with own small business somewhere in Canada. While small business owners can alleviate many expenses through grants, individuals can also get grants for a wide range of reasons such as buying a home or even getting debt relief. < Read more...>
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There are grants available in Ontario for skilled trade workers

Ontario requires a number of trade workers and is making grants available to attract these skilled employees. The shortage Ontario faces is becoming dire, and it was deemed necessary to make these funds available. This funding is available in two stages, and new skilled workers are able to access both of the grants that are available. < Read more...>
Gerald Alvarez
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Now is a great time to be starting your own business in Newfoundland

Many people in Newfoundland are starting to open a business as they are unable to find any other employment. Many of these people do not realize there are funding sources and many beneficial programs available in Newfoundland. When you are considering starting your own business in Newfoundland it is important that you look into funding options and that you have a solid business plan. < Read more...>
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Government loans have increased drastically over the last two years

The amount of funding that the government has made available through loans has increased drastically over the past eighteen month. The government has increased funding in an effort to prompt growth in small business industry and to encourage lenders to loan more money. Some of the things a small business should look at when they are applying for government loans include the terms and conditions of financing, and their obligations under the program. < Read more...>
Joe Schwartzman
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