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Canadian small business owners might be inspired by the success of the nation's recently named top companies

Canadian small businesses get the right idea from the success of  Canada's top companies Canada's 50 best managed companies has recently been announced. These companies are from all over the country, and they all have the best management teams and practices.  Small business owners can look to them for the leadership that they need along with< more....>
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Explore available funding programs for your business

Take 45 seconds to learn how much money your small business may be able to receive in government grants and/or loans. While no one can guarantee you funding the more you know the better.

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Can an entrepreneur in Canada apply for and gat a small business government loan today?

The government of Canada will not give you a small business loan today if this also happens to be the day you are applying. In order to get a government small business loan you must go through a careful application and evaluation process that can take months, depending upon the government loan program in question. < Read more...>
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How to get approved for business start up loans from the Canadian government

The Canadian government may have a number of business start up loans that entrepreneurs in Canada can use to start a new company. This type of funding is typically provided by the Canadian government in order to stimulate the economy and to help create more jobs. When you are going to apply for start up loans, you will want to ensure that you have completed your business plan, and understand the restrictions on this type of funding. < Read more...>
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Which government loan is best for a small business in BC?

There is no single government loan that is best for every actual and potential small business funding applicant in BC. Each loan has its own eligibility conditions and intended uses, first of all, so applicants need to narrow down the choices based on these points at first to find the list of loans that they are able to use. Then the loans can be compared based on their interest rates, terms and repayment schedules and the list further narrowed. Each offer has its own details such as the ones listed above, but most are more favourable to the recipient than the bank loans, and because of the different eligibility conditions, people who have been rejected when seeking funding from the bank before may still have a chance. To acquire additional information, fill in our web site's form or you can call us at the Centre for Small Business Financing. < Read more...>
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App Builder Codes for Success with $15,000 Government Backed Business Loan

Financial assistance allows entrepreneurs to outfit their business All three of LoneWolfPack Interactive's founders went to school together for game design and development, but found there were no industry jobs waiting for them upon graduation. Like many other recent post-secondary graduates across Canada, the trio decided they would need to band together and do something for themselves if they were to make any money at their chosen vocation. < Read more...>
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