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Is there any Canadian government help available for small businesses within Canada?

The Canadian government offers an assortment of help for small businesses with a need for assistance, including financial funding programs to eligible and approved applicants in Canada, such as small business loans and grants, tax concessions, and free advice on many of its web sites. < Read more...>
Partrik Norton
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Is there a Canadian government grant that can be used to expand in Ontario?

There is probably a Canadian government grant for Ontario residents that can be used to expand, but it is not practical to seek a list of all grants for expansion in the area. First of all, this would probably leave out some of the more general business grants that you may be able to use, and second of all, the grants change within the year due to them having separate deadlines. < Read more...>
Partrik Norton
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Is there such a thing as interest-free loans for Canadian businesses?

When business people talk about interest-free loans, they are usually referring to government business loan programs. The Canadian Government offers low and no-interest loans to entrepreneurs who would not usually be able to qualify for loans from traditional banking institutions. The goal of government investment in small business financing is mainly to help stimulate the economy by growing small businesses and ultimately creating new jobs for residents. By offering low-interest and interest-free loans, the government ensures that small business owners are able to afford loan payments and also have the funds available to grow their businesses. < Read more...>
Joyce Greenberg
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Does Canada offer a grant for women business owners?

The Canadian Government designates specific funding to help small businesses each year, and a large percentage is offered to businesses owned by women. Because women have traditionally had difficulty with salary and income differences in the corporate world, the government attempts to level the playing field so that women can have an edge in running their own businesses. Small business owners need access to capital for start-up and growth, so the government offers special grant programs that women can apply to for funding their company's financial needs. < Read more...>
Joyce Greenberg
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How do I get funding for my Manitoba, Canada business?

Business owners in Manitoba, Canada can get funding in the form of loans or grants. This money is offered in different programs at the federal and provincial levels. If you are interested, fill out our web site's email contact form. It can provide you with more information on steps to take, and advice. < Read more...>
Joe Schwartzman
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