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Know which government of Canada grants can help open a new business in Ottawa

There are numerous local, provincial, and government of Canada grants that may be able to help you open a business in Ottawa, if you are eligible for such small business funding. If you have an idea of how much grants money you will need to open a business, you may be ready to start looking for available grants in Ottawa. < Read more...>
Joe Schwartzman
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P.E.I. Bioscience Company to receive boost through government funding

OmniActive Health Technologies receives $343,000 in bioscience funding

A bioscience company located in P.E.I., OmniActive Health Technologies, has received $343,000 in government bioscience funding to continue with their research and development of food-based health supplements. Through technology, the company provides enhances the nutritional benefits of natural raw ingredients. < Read more...>

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Frank Arbens
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Does the government in Ottawa have any small business grants available?

Are government grants programs available in Ottawa. These grants will help you in buying equipment for your small business. You can use the funding in improving your small business in any way you like. < Read more...>
Frank Arbens
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A grant foundation for the environment will bring economic value to Quebec

The arrival of a unique grant foundation may contribute to the business sector in Quebec

A grant foundation will offer funding to businesses and communities in Quebec to help reduce carbon emissions. The funding can help contribute to greatly improve on how businesses in the region will operate. < Read more...>

energy efficiency,funding carbon emissions,grant awards,grant foundation
Partrik Norton
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Government funding supports advertising

Small business, government funding, and the advertising conundrum

A small business must advertise in order to succeed and government funding can help support such promotional endeavours. < Read more...>

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Partrik Norton
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