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Does a Canadian need credit to get loans in Vancouver?

In Vancouver, a Canadian entrepreneur will need credit to get loans in many cases, but there are government loan offers designed for those with no credit or bad credit. There are eligibility requirements for the offers, but since they are different than those of the bank, even if you have been rejected by the bank when seeking funding before you may be able to get the money that you need. < Read more...>
Frank Arbens
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Where can a business owner find help with a business plan for small business?

When entrepreneurs first begin developing their business ideas, they often find it helpful to create a business plan for small business goals and objectives. Business planning is vital to company success and should be a major part of any financial strategy for new and existing businesses. Without clear cut goals and objectives, a business may miss out on available opportunities. The plan serves as a road map to keep companies on track with their goals, and it also provides a means to convey company messaging to potential investors and lenders. When hiring executives and management personnel, candidates may also want a look at a company's business plan as a means to understand how their expertise will fit in with the company's objectives and strategies. < Read more...>
Joyce Greenberg
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Does the British Columbia provincial govt provide funding for inventions pushed by a small business?

Funding for small business inventions is offered by the British Columbia govt to entrepreneurs in the province. There are offers from the federal government that are open to applicants nationwide as well as some at the provincial and local levels. < Read more...>
Joyce Greenberg
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Can I get grants from the Canadian or provincial government to start a new small business in BC?

Although the BC government has a need for new small business enterprises, just like the rest of Canada does, the amount of small business grants aimed specifically at opening new small business ventures have been reduced by the government in recent years. < Read more...>
Joe Schwartzman
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Can everyone in Canada get small business start up loans and grants?

Not everyone in Canada can get small business start up grants and loans. Individuals or applicants who need government funds to finance their new business start-up needs can apply for a new small business grants and loans. Apart from this, individuals who want to seek small business start-up loans and grants should also be eligible for them and capable of meeting every criterion of loans and grants. Applicants along with, such criteria should also have a good business plan and budget that will help the Canadian government to allocate a particular grant or loan amount to an applicant. Give us a call or complete our web query form for further assistance regarding small business start up loans and grants available in Canada. < Read more...>
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Joyce Greenberg
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