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$758,500 helps stone fabricating company carve out a niche | New manufacturer taps into federal and provincial financing

A new manufacturer in St. Stephen, New Brunswick has hit a government windfall.  With a federal government contribution of $358,500 and a $400,000 term loan from the provincial government, Sticks and Stones Fabricating has constructed a building and purchased equipment for a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Sticks and Stones fabricates granite and other stone products for the< more....>
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Partrik Norton
Posted in: News & Events
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Accessing Canadian grants for the disabled

There are numerous programs and grants that are available for the disabled Canadians across our country. The two most popular funding programs for the disabled include Canadian Pension Plan Disability Vocational Rehabilitation Program (CPPDVRP) and the Canadian Disability Savings Grant. These two very different programs are geared towards helping the disabled in Canada achieve their goals. < Read more...>
Joe Schwartzman
Posted in: Q&A
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Can I apply to the Vancouver government for more than one grants program for my small buisness?

If your small buisness is eligible for multiple Vancouver government grants, you can apply to more than one as a way to increase your chances of being approved. < Read more...>
Partrik Norton
Posted in: Q&A
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World's coolest music store in St. Mary's, ON grows with $32,000 loan

Entrepreneur becomes victim of own success -- but solves problem thanks to government loan For many small businesses, it's a struggle to grow in your first few years. The problem was the opposite for Rob Edney; he was growing so quickly, he couldn't keep up. From the day he opened The World's Coolest Music Store in the small town of St. Mary's, Ontario, he was shocked by the numbers. He'd hoped for 50 students in the beginning, but 66 signed up the day he threw open his doors. A year later he was maxed out. With the existing building, he could handle -- at most -- 120 students in a week. And there were already 25 more on the waiting list. < Read more...>
Frank Arbens
Posted in: Success Stories
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How do I get funds for my business?

Entrepreneurs who wish to get funds for their business may go for the option of applying for a grant or a loan backed by the government. If you get approved for your application, you will receive funding for your business. With the funding, you can get help in financing your business or could receive access to resources etc. This will be a big help to your business. It can give you the boost you need. < Read more...>
Joe Schwartzman
Posted in: Q&A
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