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How do Winnipeg government small business grants and loans differ from those found elsewhere in Canada?

Winnipeg government small business grants and loans differ from those of other cities by merit of their focus on local culture, economy, and needs, but there will also be similarities that will be revealed during your necessary research. < Read more...>
Joe Schwartzman
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Is there a business loan Ontario companies may use for employee hiring and training?

There is a business loan Ontario companies may obtain in order to hire and train employees. The challenge of recruiting qualified and skilled workers is ongoing for many small businesses. Having the right employee can give a competitive edge to businesses as they operate within their community. But finding qualified workers with competitive enough salaries so they stay with the company can mean significant investment in wages, benefits and training. That's where business loans can assist in human resource concerns. < Read more...>
Steven Trustrum
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$62,895 helps Nova Scotia organization improve technology | New upgrades allow for video conferencing

Summer Street Industries, of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, has received $62,895 for technology upgrades, including equipment to accommodate video and teleconferencing.  Summer Street Industries specializes in the creation of opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities.  "We're excited to have this new technology, says Bob Bennett, Executive Director of the organization.  "These upgrades will allow us< more....>
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Steven Trustrum
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The Canadian youth business grant is popular with students

The youth is being well represented as students are quickly becoming a large portion of the small business industry in Canada and the government is making a grant available to this sector. The special grant that is being offered to Canadian youth is to help them create and run there small businesses over the summer or throughout the year where possible. These grants can be a major boon to your small business if you apply the funds correctly to maximize your return. < Read more...>
Steven Trustrum
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Winning a $54,000 Government-Guaranteed Loan

After working for years at a performance automotive supply business in Winnipeg, even as he burned rubber on the drag racing circuit, Svenn Tergesen decided the supply business had more of a future. So he bought it. Even then, his competitive instinct kept him looking for new opportunities. Turning the shop into a full-service auto< more....>
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Frank Arbens
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