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Is small business financial assistance available in Toronto, Canada?

There is financial assistance available for small business in Toronto, Canada in the form of loans or grants from the government. Small business owners who need funds to complete their projects and meet their goals can apply for these programs and use the money in accordance with the terms of the assistance programs. < Read more...>
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Can small business grants from the federal government of Canada help me out?

Information regarding federal government of Canada small business grants can indeed be very confusing if you choose to try and sort it all out on your own, which is when a professional funding research resource can provide help sorting it out. The Centre for Small Business Financing is one of the more extensive, reliable examples of such an independent service. < Read more...>
Frank Arbens
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Are start up government grants available in Toronto, Canada for small business applicants?

There are grants for small business start up costs provided in Toronto, but there may be more offers available depending on the amount of grants offered and the ones that are still open. < Read more...>
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Are there Canadian government business grants available in Ottawa?

There are Canadian government small business grants made available in Ottawa, and the exact listing of which grants available there changes regularly. < Read more...>
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Is the Centre an official Canadian government small business advisory service?

The Centre has a number of resources that constitute and advisory service to help small business owners in hopes that the owner can side step many of the common issues that often plague them, but we are not affiliated with the Canadian government at any level. However, we may be considered an advisory service, but the Centre is not in any way affiliated with the Canadian government. Our web site is full of articles to help you learn, grow and avoid common mistakes. Our site also provides an overview of the various types of financial funding available to a small business. To learn more about the various financial aid programs, we offer a free service called the Grant Finder and our staff is standing by to serve you in an advisory role or by submitting the information request our web site's email contact form. < Read more...>
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