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Obtaining a government grant to start a business in Ontario

When you are short on finances to start a business in Ontario, you should look into a government grant to make ends meet. The government in Canada has a number of grant programs that entrepreneurs can take advantage of in order to start a new business. When you are applying for this type of funding, you will want to ensure that you have completed your documentation and that you understand your obligations for funding. < Read more...>
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Who can apply for a small business loan from the Canadian government?

Loan programs are being made available from the Canadian government in order to help small business ventures to boost their chance of success during these tough times. The small business may be within the start up stage or at any level. You may apply for the loan and improve your small business with the loan fund from the government. You may get our assistance at any time to make the process easy and we are here to help you. You may call us at the Centre for Small Business Financing by calling, toll free, to speak with an experienced funding representative, or use our site's contact form to indicate you would like more information. < Read more...>
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Joe Schwartzman
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There are government grants available in Canada to help with starting a small business

Many government grants available in Canada are heavily sought because they provide money intended to help entrepreneurs with the expenses of starting their own small business. This value is in addition to their utility, often varies wildly and is subject to specific conditions and terms. Your first step will be to determine which of the available financial options are suitable for your needs. You will then need to submit an application before you can receive financial assistance through these programs. < Read more...>
Joe Schwartzman
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$4,000 government grant helps Charlottetown B&B owners renovate

Five years ago, Graeme and Judith Sheldon brought Judith's father from the UK to Canada for a holiday. Residents of Louth, in Lincolnshire, the Sheldons had previously lived in Montreal and Toronto, and their first stop was Niagara Falls. But after a week in Ontario, they were ready < Read more...>
Frank Arbens
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How many government grants in British Columbia are for women and minorities?

Women and minorities in British Columbia can get government grants for their small business, housing, and educational expenses. There are many general options that are open to everyone within the area. Some which are specifically for women or minorities to use to get the funding they may not otherwise have access to. < Read more...>
Frank Arbens
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