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Are grants and loans available for Canadian small business owners?

Small business grants and loans provide funding to entrepreneurs seeking to start a business or expand an existing company. The Canadian Government dedicates a substantial amount of funding for business investment to improve the economy and create jobs for Canadian workers. By offering assistance to small businesses through loan and grant programs, government agencies ensure that companies have direct access to the financing they need for success. When small business owners begin the search for government funding, they must dedicate time and resources to research available programs to determine which one will best suit their needs. < Read more...>
Joyce Greenberg
Posted in: Q&A
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Guaranteed Government Loans and You

Finding guaranteed government loans can be a challenging process for a small business owner when you don't know where to start. When you are trying to find guaranteed sources of funding such a government loans or grants it is important that you consider all the financing options available to you in order to choose the right one for your company. < Read more...>
Frank Arbens
Posted in: Q&A
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Does the Manitoba government provide small business grants for women?

Small business government grants for aiding women small business owners in Manitoba province of the Canadian are available and can be invaluable to eligible applicants. < Read more...>
Joyce Greenberg
Posted in: Q&A
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Does the government provide business grants in Alberta?

The government makes available small business grants in Alberta for many purposes. There are grants for new small business owners that can help pay for initial operation costs before the doors are open, there are some for people who are looking to purchase an existing small business, and there are some for people who have established small businesses that need extra funds for improvements and the like. < Read more...>
Frank Arbens
Posted in: Q&A
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There are government grants available for the tourism in Newfoundland

Tourism is a major part of the economy in Newfoundland and the government is making grants available to support this industry. The tourism industry is in dire need of funding as the economic conditions have dried up much of its revenues. When you are going to apply for tourism grants you will need to ensure that you are eligible for funding and that you understand your obligations. < Read more...>
Partrik Norton
Posted in: Q&A
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