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High Interest Rate Complaints and How To Avoid it –

It is a well-known fact that starting a small business is very expensive and most new entrepreneurs don't make any profit for at about year or longer. The other common truth amongst new entrepreneurs is that simply don't have the startup funds they need out of pocket. For those who are not heirs to a <more....>
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How would you review your funding search –

Canadian entrepreneurs heavily rely on past entrepreneurs, not only to learn from their mistakes but also to learn from their successes. Providing public information and reviews about the different tools and resources that your business has used to receive funding for your business is invaluable to the business community at large. Giving honest feedback and <more....>
Joe Schwartzman
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Avoid Scams By Trusting the Source –

Before committing purchasing or signing up for any kind of product or service it is the buyer\’s responsibility to do his or her own diligent research. This research can involve asking reliable sources such as government organisations, the Better Business Bureau etc. to make sure that the product or service you are purchasing is legitimate. <more....>
Frank Arbens
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The fight against small business fraud

Unfortunately, fraud is a reality that Canadian businesses must face. Everything from buying faulty business equipment to dealing with customers who refuse to pay after receiving your product or service is something your small business must be prepared for. is a private research organization that is not affiliated with any government and does not <more....>
Joe Schwartzman
Posted in: Business Financing, Government Funding, Small Business, Tips and Tricks
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Latest reviews of members was first established in 1992. Since the beginning, the Centre for Small Business Financing has been constantly making changes and improvements to its services based on customer reviews and complaints. One of the most important pieces of business advice that the CSBF can offer to entrepreneurs is to learn from your mistakes. Your customers <more....>
Joyce Greenberg
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How would you review your funding search –
Avoid Scams By Trusting the Source –
High Interest Rate Complaints and How To Avoid it –
The fight against small business fraud
Latest reviews of members
Recently searched business funding news as of Monday, Apr 24, 2017
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