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Do you need government loans in Alberta to make improvements to your small business? You can purchase much needed equipment, give your facility a face lift, or take your business to new heights with small business loans.

Use Alberta government loans to grow or start your small business

Small business loans from government agencies in Alberta or the Canadian government could be yours if you know how to apply. A government guaranteed loan of $150,000 allowed Alberta's Flora Corazza and Patrizio Sacchetto to renovate their Edmonton restaurant, Boulevard, as well as purchase food service equipment.

How to get your own small business loan: 1-866-682-2402

Call the Centre for Small Business Financing to learn more about available funding programs, and what you need to do to apply and receive government loans for your Alberta small business. Application cut-offs are different among programs, so don't think you have all the time in the world. (See who's received Alberta loans on our Alberta loan recipients page page.)

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Alberta Funeral Business Secures $75,000 Government Guaranteed Loan for New Start

Life begins for new business with a government guaranteed loan With the two certainties in life being death and taxes, there's no reason for anyone not to make an honest living from either one. For High River, Alberta's... View Details

$18,900 for Alberta Husband and Wife Team, and their Badlands Products

Government funding sought because natural care does not come naturally It is interesting that all of the bath and body products from Nature’s Essential Garden, known for their soothing and therapeutic qualities, come to... View Details

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