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Take 45 seconds to learn how much money your small business may be able to receive in government grants and/or loans. While no one can guarantee you funding the more you know the better.

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Alberta government grants can help finance your small business if it finds itself in need of additional financing. You can use these grants to purchase equipment, hire new staff, or enhance your business, for example.

It could be easy to apply for Alberta government grants

The government keeps it simple for small businesses like yours to apply for Alberta grants. Ruby Ellen Designs in Calgary received a $9,000 Alberta grant to launch her business and train her new staff. Just taking the first step and applying was all it took.

Find out how to apply and get grants from the Alberta government by calling 1-866-682-2402

Contact the Centre for Small Business Financing to find out more about available financing programs and the steps you need to take to receive Alberta government grants for your small business. Application deadlines differ among the various government grant programs and an important deadline could be passing at any moment, depending upon your needs. Prepare your application to receive an Alberta grant today and improve your chances. (Check who has received grants from the Alberta government in our grant recipients section).

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